1. How does the cooperation work?

It starts with an idea. If you have an interesting product and you don't know how to launch it on the market, our services are just for you.

2. Is my personal data safe?

You can absolutely rely on us that your personal data will stay safe. If a potential customer requires it, a so-called NDA (confidentiality agreement) can be signed.

3. How much do our services cost?

This question can't be answered in a relevant way, as each contract is different. For a detailed price offer, we need basic information about your business plan. 

4. What kind of materials do we use?

Currently, there is a wide spectrum of materials that our customers use. At present, we also focus on ecological, i.e. recyclable types of materials.

5. What is the minimum order?

We also give small projects a chance, hence we are able to offer packages from 500 pieces. However, it must be taken into account that the cost of product packaging for small orders is higher.

6. What kind of products are we able to pack?

Currently, we pack all possible types of products. We can pack fine powders, but also liquid products. For more information click here.